Effortless style: The Wardrobe Woman's Guide to Casual Chic

Wanting to create style for every day tasks can seem like a lot of effort. What seems effortless, though, is taking your basics and making them fun again. There are some simple tricks to help you kick-start the styling process and still look good.


Light layers are a great way to look like you've put in more effort than you have. The reason they're known as "light" layers is because they're soft and subtle. They should add to your outfit by building more of an ensemble rather than a basic combination. A good example of this is a printed shirt such as a henley, or a V-neck, layered with a lightweight jacket like a cardi or blazer.

Quality Fabrics

We all want to look good and feel great when we step out of our doors. And we also want our clothing to feel great and make us feel confident. Investing in quality fabrics can save you in the long term and longevity to your garment life cycle. They can be the defining feature that makes a polished style.


One of the best things you can do to improve your style is making sure that the clothes you're wearing fit well. That means not only making sure that your tops and pants aren't too baggy or too tight, but also that they don't draw attention to the wrong places in your body. Getting well-fitted clothing can make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself! Luckily our customer service team is always happy to help. To find out which style and size will work for you, give us a call today :)

Shop with Purpose

Make sure to take into account not only your closet but also your lifestyle. Do you usually wear dresses or jeans? Do you spend most of your time at work or partying? Where do you go for vacation? You want to bring outfits that fit both the specific events and your everyday life.

Avoid the trap of just buying a bunch of items that look cute without any thought behind them. Make sure your wardrobe is balanced: shop with items that help fill in gaps in your wardrobe while also playing off pieces you already have.


I mean, you already know this stuff. But sometimes it's nice to hear someone else say how great you look when you wear your favorite scarf, or how fun your earrings are. And accessories are the easiest way to update a look, they can make something plain look amazing and something patterned look detailed.

With a few changes you can turn your work outfit into an effortless after 5 dinner dress. And with the right metal (gold for warm skin tones, silver for cool) you can highlight your attributes to shine!