What’s My Size? Finding Your Fit in a Multi-Sized Fashion Industry

If you have ever been into a fitting room with a handful of items to come out with none, you are not alone. Finding a good fit is an increasing struggle we all contend with. This is why we stick to our favourite brands and tend to not risk buying a new brand if we aren’t sure of their sizing.

It is true, you will be one size in one brand and larger or smaller in another, but we can assure you that it is the result of there being no ‘standard’ size guide. Though data is gathered to assess the median measurements of a person based on demographic information, it does not necessarily translate to the masses. Each Country or regional population will have different average body types, heights and systems of measurement such as metric (cm) or imperial (inch). This can get confusing, especially in a world of global brands, you may accidentally be ordering 2 sizes too big without realising.  

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee with trying new brands, but it would be a shame to miss out on the perfect fit for fear of trying. Here are some tips to help you navigate this fashion world of all shapes and sizes:

  • When online shopping, use your tape measure to check against the size guide.
  • Take note of the model size on the website, this will indicate the fit, if the style is tight or loose. The size guide will average a ‘to fit’ size, but how you like to wear it is up to you.
  • The fabric will be an indicator of how much stretch something might have.
  • Become familiar with styles that suit your body type, even if that means trying a few different things that you wouldn’t usually, sometimes the best things on the rack aren’t much until they’re on the right person!
  • Know your best assets! It’s not about what you want to hide, but what you want to show!
  • Take advantage of online stylists, if you can’t get to the shop where a sales assistant is available, many outlets now offer service support, they are there to reduce returns by helping customers find the best items.
  • When in doubt, ask, most sales people wear their brand, so they can answer the intimate questions like, ‘can I bend over in this?’ and ‘will it ride up?’





You will notice that most competitor brands will have similar size guides. This is because they are trying to get the same customer so they have based their size guide on their ‘average customer profile. So if you have a brand you love, it's likely that similar brands will size their products similarly. At the end of the day, you know your body best, when you try something on and you feel great, then it will be great on you!


Happy Shopping!