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Trends for Mother of the Bride

Deciding on the best outfit for your daughter or son's wedding can be exciting and daunting at the same time. 
You want to look your best for your child and to compliment their wedding style so the wedding photos of you by their side look amazing.  
There are a several things to think of when choosing an outfit as Mother of the Bride or Groom.  What's your personal style? Does your child have a colour in mind for you. Would you feel more comfortable in an elegant dress and teamed with matching jacket, a suit or a more elaborate evening dress. 
At Wardrobe Fashion we see a lot of younger mothers wearing dresses with jackets. The jacket makes the dress appropriate for a chapel service, and it can be taken off for the reception later.
It has also become acceptable to wear, elegant outfits that show some skin. The general trend is moving away from the traditional styles and towards a more hip look.
Mothers often put themselves last and leave their wedding outfit choices until the last minute, and they don't give themselves enough time to get the dress they want. It is also helpful for the Mother of the Groom if you have your outfit early so she has time to select hers. 
We have in-store consultants to help you find the should complement your daughter's choices for herself and the wedding party both in color, style and in formality. Bring a picture of your daughters wedding dress and a picture or fabric swatch of bridesmaids dresses so we can best help you.
Your daughter may envision you in a certain style or shade, so be sure to ask the bride-to-be if she has any opinions about your wedding-day attire.  You'll also need to discuss your dress with the mother of the groom, so you'll avoid wearing clashing colors, or worse yet, showing up in the exact same colour.
If your daughter doesn't have her heart set on a particular shade for you, you'll have plenty of choices that will fit her color scheme. Bone, off-white, navy and black remain the most popular shades for mother of the bride while sage green, sienna and pale to bright blues are steadily gaining ground. Black is a fashionable choice for ultra formal weddings. Only white remains a wedding-day taboo.
It's best to start shopping as soon as your daughter has chosen her gown and her attendants' dresses. Give yourself a lot of time,  You should begin shopping at least six months in advance to really get what you want. This is an important event, and you don't want to have to settle for something that isn't quite right.
Lastly, pick a dress that you'll wear again. After the last picture is taken and the bouquet has been tossed, you'll still have your dress. If you make the right choice, you'll have a great style that will work for cocktail parties, other weddings or after 5 event. Something simple, like a suit with a long skirt or a gown with a jacket, can be worn more than once.
Don't make the mistake of buying your accessories first. Find the perfect outfit to suit your individual style and then look for shoes, bag, jewellery and hat and or gloves if you like. 

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